Will Rogers Airport Office

4300 Amelia Earhart Lane, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73159


Lease Rate: $2,000/Month for first 6 months. $4,000/month after first 6 months. 


The Building sits on an expansive lot with on-building signage available and viewable from

Terminal Drive, the main road to and from the airport arrival/departure gates.

Employees and guests have available twenty two parking spaces. The building features

an expansive ceiling height, nice glass lines and tinted windows. It has a full sized break

area, a sitting patio and multiple private offices and training/conference rooms. There are

cubicles in-place and available to use along with other office furnishings. The building is

currently undergoing a major renovation including new heating and cooling systems,

replacing windows or, window film, new ceiling tiles, painting , carpeting and restroom