Raintree Apartments

2302 West Country Club Blvd, Elk City, Oklahoma 73644

Raintree’s 79 units are broken down into an excellent unit mix of 14 one-bedroom units and 64 two-bedroom units, and 1 three-bedroom unit. Located on a major street in Elk City allowing for easy commutes into large business districts. Drawing from a trade area consisting of approximately 82,343 people, Elk City has shown continual increase in median income salaries since 2015. Presence of large national retailers create steady job opportunities for residents and large city funded public projects reveal confidence for a growing town.

Buyers are to submit offers in the form of a non-binding letter of intent. Buyers are required to provide a description of their debt/equity structure and qualifications to close. Seller will base their decision on price, terms, and overall Buyers qualifications and ability to close.

Prospective purchasers will have the opportunity to visit the Property via pre-scheduled tours. These tours will include access to a representative sampling of units as well as common areas and other similar facilities. In order to accommodate the Property’s ongoing operations, visitation will require advance notice and scheduling through Price Edwards & Company.